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Robert Malecki malecki at
Sun Sep 22 09:45:07 MDT 1996

Richard wrote,
>You keep going on about Trotskyists behaving like "Stalinists". Have you
>not noticed that the people you call "Stalinists" are the ones who have
>argued with you politically, while the others stab you in the back.

Dear Richard,

One of the "Stalinist" practices which has been a long time tradition is in
fact excluding Trotskyists from meetings,demos, from presenting their
politics under the cover of calling them all kinds of names, sort of a lot
like Aldolfo does on the list. And back in the 30ties and 40ties Trotskyists
were murdered in order to stop them from fighting for political line. This
practice on "unity" is in the best tradition of Stalinism although it is
being carried out by people claiming to be Trotskyists.
>I seriously think that you should re-evaluate your position, Robert. If
>want to change the world for the better, then you should be looking for
>points of unity. Not fighting the battles of 50 years ago.

I have evaluated my position. Stop the bans,exclusions and expulsions + the
secret rules on "Unity" and then we can talk about politics and "unity". My
personal view is that one fights for Bolshevik-Communist Unity on political
line. And around individual questions that are urgent for the workers
movement a proletarian united front where all can take part in the common
struggle against the class enemy while upholding politics and line. This is
ABC marxism for Trotskyists. The fake "unity" being discussed on the unity
list is a liquidation of political struggle so that the left can unite
around a minimum program. This will hardly help the working class and it
will not creat any real unity. Because the first sign of serious class
struggle will blow this rotten opportunist kind of unity into its respective
parts and class interests. However i have always said i would observe the
table manners at "unity" but i oppose and will fight against political
bans,exclusions and expulsions. When they stop the war will stop and we can
get on with the discussion.
>If the Left took the attitude that it is important to work together and
>discuss differences in a comradely way in that context; then genuine
>unity would happen over a period of time.

Yes, on specific issues the left can and should work together. But not
liquidate the political struggle in the process.

>If you have a disagreement with those on the Left-Unity list, then it is
>important to use the correct language. To call a Trotskyist a
>would be seen as a grave insult, and would hardly make them well diposed
>towards you. No-one else on this list would see "Stalinist" as a
>politically accurate description of any political currents in the 1990s.

Oh really, and pigs fly! What about the popular front? The stage theory of
A list that excludes and expells people because of political line? Although
Stalin is dead his politics are alive and well amongst the new left. The
entire political scene
during and since the Vietnam war on the lefdt has been dominated by
Stalinist politics and defeats. Mainly around the popular front and stage
theory of revolution.

Chile, Nicaragua, just a couple of places where big defeats for the
proletariat can be directly linked to Stalinist politics. Even if picture of
old Joe were not in the demonstrations.

>Stalin did make an important contribution to Marxist-Leninist thinking,
>but so did Mao Ze Dong, Ho Chi Mihn, Kim il Sung, Che Guevara, and a
>number of others that could be named. I hope that the new lists will
>give us the chance to discuss these. (Louis G. please note)

I doubt that the above names, by the way you forgot Hoxcha in Albanien,
contributed very much to world revolution. But they should definitely be
allowed on the list as points of discussions and in fact political battles.
To ban the Stalinists of any kind from the "Unity" list is ridiculous. One
does not hide or ban political opponents but fight it out and in the process
get some political clarity. It will also help the youth coming in back of us
to be critical marxists.
>You managed to get out of a physical prison...well now is the time to
>get out of your mental prison!

Actually not true Richard. It is you my friend that have taken a step away
>from the old Stalinists parties. The New Worker is an expression of trying
to clean up the worst crimes of Stalin but keeping the political line that
has been so disastrous for the Internation Proletariat for decades.
>Free your mind Robert. You can see much further without the Leon Trotsky
>bars blocking your view.

No i think that Richard should break with Stalinism and the fundemental
politcal line that has meant so much defeat for the proletariat. Both you
and the "Unity" list are basically liquidating revolutionary politics for
the sake of "unity" along political lines that will not help the poor and
working class one bit forward, but only backward. These so called
Trotskyists my friend i am quite sure you would like to unite with. They
have essentially accepted the popular front and other lines which the Stalinists
have represented. Class collaboration under the guise of "Unity" is just a
new road to betrayal. Fine if they want to take that road. But stop claiming
to be Trotskists on the "Unity" list. This and their exclusions and bans and
expulsions belong in the Stalinist school of falsification.

Warm regards
Bob Malecki


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