A voice from Cleveland and Louis P.

Robert Malecki malecki at algonet.se
Sun Sep 22 09:45:15 MDT 1996

>A Voice from Cleveland:
>> He said Cleveland, Ohio (that is USA if you are unaware).  He gave you
>> the dates.  I am from Cleveland, Ohio.  The facts are correct.  I
>> checked them a long time ago when reading some of the posts only for
>> the reason that I wanted to do so.  An intelligent person checks
>> first...accuses later.
>Louis Proyect:
>Oh right, this really cinches it.

It sure does my little yellow journalist! There you are hanging with your
pants down and your foot in your ass. The lady who was too busy raising
babies for the next war
has taken you down Proyect.

Best that you hurry off to Cleveland and get the goods on Malecki! My lawyer
you asked about! Here it is.

Bob Malecki
Email <malecki at algonet.se>

Now you even have the lawyers name. One of the other lawyers lives here in
Sweden to. His name is Mike Bransome. There was even a third lawyer name not
given as he lives underground in the states.

We defended ourselves at the traial. Because we wanted to address the court
and jury about our actions, the war and our defense arguements based on
If we had a state appointed lawyer we would not have been able to do that.

The best thing to do now my little yellow journalist is apoligize to me and
the list for your provacative *actions* lately involving people who did
quite a lot to end the war.
In fact much more in a sense that the pop front politics you were building
with the SWP at the time. There big hero was Mayor Carl Stokes! These
"trotskyists" were out on campus while we were working with workers on the
lower west side. In the tank plant and at Ford and in the housing areas
where these people immigrated when the bosses shut down the mines in
Pennsylvania and Kentuck and Tennesse. The only other people that were
working with poor and working class people were the Black Panthers and the

Off to Cleveland now. Only 13 days left on the two weeks you claimed would
be enough to get the goods on Malecki the "Agent Provacateur"!

You should have stuck to Tariq Ali. Him you could find in the library. But
the story about the many, many people still in exile and underground is
going to be a difficult nut to crack even for a serious journalist.

 A Pipsqueak yellow journalist like yourself who is driven by hate and neo
Stalinist and Menshevik politics will not get you so far on this issue.

A woman never active in politics said more in one sentence Proyect then all
of the garbage you have published here against orthodox trotskyists and took
you down.
She said;

"And...before you ask....no I was not involved in the "peace movement"
at all.  I was too busy raising cannon fodder for the next war."

Those few words are more political then anything coming from a berserk petty
bougeois academic and his brand of yellow journalism like yourself.

Ha Ha Ha Louis. The joke is really on you! You blew your cool and wound up
flaxing around in the mud like a pig. Not a real pig they are intelligent.
But cop pig.
Go crawl in your hole now Proyect. If you had any bit of socialist decency
you will come out some time and apologize. Until then you are the yellow
journalist, petty bougeois whacko who threatens to turn militants into liars
and cowards. And admits that he would turn to the state in order to do it!

Bob Malecki

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