Adolfo warming up to Azcueta threats again

Hugh Rodwell m-14970 at
Sun Sep 22 11:42:28 MDT 1996

Adolfo lifts the ice-pick:

>Up to now the only argument he has put accross in "defense" of his Orwell
>has been that it was "only once gov" and to take his "old age into
>consideration".  Sounds to me that as QC defending a burglar he only aims at
>the pity of the jury!  However, the proletariat is pitiless with snitches
>and defenders of snitches, and this will run and run until any Trot who
>opens his mouth to regurgitate the MI6 slanders against Stalin and the
>Soviet Union is confronted with the taunt of "Orwell"!
>In synthesis, Rodwell QC wants to get his defendant off from the charge of
>working for the British imperialist secret services on the grounds of "first
>offender" and "diminished responsabilty".  Trotskyst are nothing but QC.,
>barristers and solicitors for the bourgeosie! Alright, you are only a virgin
>once, Rodwell-the-Orwell, comrade of the Azcuetas of this world!

He rants on:

>A tree is known by its fruits and a teacher from his disciples:

We've been watching you all year, old Fruit and Disciple, and are
gobsmacked at anyone who could have a disciple of this kind.

>You tell us which are the fruits of Trotsky's tree and their significance in
>world history?  Malecki? Nahuel Moreno? Mandel? Healy? Yourself?  Don't make
>me laugh that I am already in stitches!

You're beating the Great Individual drum again. Typical bourgeois thinking.

And the same hysterical squealing as Louis P that you both call laughter.
Only yours is so humourless it comes across as a snarl.

>A mountain in one plate and a gnat in the other and you want further
>demonstration?  What sort of spectacles are you wearing when you look in the

When I look in the mirror, I see myself, no more nor less.

Give us Mao's opinion of Stalin's contribution to the Chinese revolution of
1927, and to the crucial period of revolutionary takeover in 1949.

Give us Guzman's opinion on Stalin's views on making revolution in a
semi-colonial country.

And keep the bile pumping. It's repulsive but instructive for subscribers
to be drenched with real McCoy Stalinism every now and again.



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