yellow press journalist busy at the keys.

Robert Malecki malecki at
Sun Sep 22 10:52:33 MDT 1996

>It might turn out to be a good thing to a have a real agent provocateur
>on our list. Aren't there questions you've always wanted to pose to this
>type of subhuman slime.
>Like, how did you get this job? Did you answer an ad in the back
>pages of Soldier of Fortune magazine? Or is it a word of mouth type
>deal, like some of the white-only constructions trades used to be. The
>reason I'm asking is that my neighbors down the street have a 24 year
>old son who is having trouble getting a job.
>This kid is something of a skinhead but would be willing to let his hair
>grow in if the money's right. He spend 2 years in prison for attempted
>rape of an 11 year old girl so, as you can gather, he's a bit of a bad egg.
>But he is willing to learn and would love to apprentice with somebody
>like you, Malecki.
>By the way, are you one person or are you several people?
>Also, how do you get paid? Do you get paid for each post you make?
>In June when you posted 173 times, did you get $10 for each post or
>something like that. Or are you given assignments that you are paid a
>lump sum for? Do your handlers tell you to try to get on the Left-Unity
>list and muck things up for $1000? And if you can't get on, are you
>supposed to harass each individual member with your filth?
>Are most provocateurs as stupid as you are nowadays? A good
>provocateur would have taken some trouble to make up some names
>and dates, but all you could do is say "between 1969 and 1972". What
>a laugh. You won't provide us with the name of your lawyer. If you
>were doing your job, you could have said something like "my lawyer
>was Morris Lipschitz, a well-known Cleveland attorney, but he was
>abducted by a Paraguayan right-wing death-squad in 1976 so you
>won,t be able to get in touch with him."
>Who are you working for anyhow? The CIA? Now, you just wouldn't
>happen to be a Nazi spy, would you?  Let's see if you can pass this
>simple test to see if you are a real American. Who is the baseball
>player known as "Mr. October"? Which rock-and-roll musician had a
>mental condition and spent years in a sandbox in his California
>mansion? What led to Peewee Herman's banishment from TV? Bet you
>can't answer these, Herr Malecki.
>I think this rat-provocateur should get his miserable ass thrown off all
>Spoon lists immediately, but I don't have that kind of power. All I can
>say is that whenever you see the name Malecki attached to a piece of
>incoming mail, just remember to precede it with "rat-provocateur" and
>give his message the type of treatment it deserves.

Ahh some more burning away at the keys from our own yellow journalist. I
doubt if Eye net needs investigative reportage like Proyect's. Ex- Swpers
would not be trusted despite their dirt reportage from the shitpile. Not
even if you spent the rest of your life writting this garbage. You should
have gotten out of the movement with your hero Tariq Ali. Then you would
have had a few more years to try and convince the gutter press of your
yellow journalism and loyality!

!3 days left to the sensational expose from Proyect the yellow journalist
reporter. Will he come up with the goods and expose the "agent Provacateur?
Or will he find some new way to entertain himself. Try masturbating Louis it
will make you relax under the pressure. Also eliminates the possibility of
aids. Hey this might be your next story!

Extra! Extra! from the yellow journalist Proyect. "agent Provakateur" caught
mastubating. Discovers how to avoid aids. Read all about it!

Get your plane tickets yet Proyect? Times a waisting...

While you are off to Cleveland getting the goods. Malecki will be on
National TV talking about Vietnam here.

Bob Malecki

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