Questions you've always wanted to ask an agent-provocateur

Robert Malecki malecki at
Sun Sep 22 10:52:38 MDT 1996

>Louis, this is getting pathological.  Since it was you who
>started the whole damn thing by accusing Robert without any
>proof whatsoever you should be first stop.

And apoligize! You do not go on line and trash exiles with yellow
journalism. Demanding addresses and names of people. However this man will
not do that. He has gone of the deep end. A woman from Cleveland has taken
him down. She had beeen to the library and in the archives and read about

And proved him a liar!

I apoligize to the list. But the antics of this man deserved to be
answered.In fact it should not be me that answers him but you people on the

But the anti communist antics from this man must stop. If he proceeds with
this he should be dumped from the list.

Bob Malecki

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