A voice from Cleveland and Louis P.

Doug Henwood dhenwood at panix.com
Sun Sep 22 13:06:54 MDT 1996

At 5:45 PM 9/22/96, Robert Malecki wrote:

>Best that you hurry off to Cleveland and get the goods on Malecki! My lawyer
>you asked about! Here it is.
>Bob Malecki
>Email <malecki at algonet.se>
>Now you even have the lawyers name. One of the other lawyers lives here in
>Sweden to. His name is Mike Bransome. There was even a third lawyer name not
>given as he lives underground in the states.

Comrade Bob -

I missed the lawyer's name in that passage, unless it was Bob Malecki of
Sweden, which would doubly prove that old saw that a man who acts as his
own lawyer has a fool for a client.



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