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Sun Sep 22 14:05:03 MDT 1996

Vladimir wrote i.a.:

>Good line of reasoning. Let's use it:
>The serious business here, which the various big-mouthers should
>address, is the fact that 1) Martens was already politically
>in the main refuted in 1996 2) If in fact the then revolutionaries
>wanted to kill him, this could only be because they were engaged
>in some sinister business themselves.
>It's simply flawless, isn't it? Fits as a glove. Lucky
>Martens! He prudently left himself an option of "no ice"
>and "no picks." Trotsky did not have it.

Sorry, Vladimir. I've been advocating the political line of
Marx, Lenin and Mao Zedong since 1974. The correctness of
this line, as seen from the standpoint of the international
proletariat and the oppressed peoples, is becoming clearer
and clearer for every day.

So I by no means am "refuted", am I? Quite on the contrary,
I would venture to say. NB I am not saying *I* invented that

Among other things, Mao Zedong towards the end of the '60:s
pointed out that in the Soviet Union, capitalism ad been restored
and that in that country there was now a bourgeois dictatorship
of the Hitler fascist type. This was very important, was it not?
And very correct, too, as later events showed.

Your propaganda, Vladimir, some months ago, in the direction that
people in Russia should vote for Ziganov, a representative
appriximatively of l'ancien SU regime, I don't think was very
Marxist. This doesn't mean I'm for the other bourgeois either,

Though I don't think you and I have much in common politically,
it seems we're agreed on two points: 1) We're both against
the suppression of freedom of expression on this list.
2) We're both against that anti-industrial scheme of US imperialism
and some other forces which goes under the cover name of
"sustainable development".  A small united front here I would not
be against. On other questions, I think it's correct to oppose your line.

Rolf M.

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