Academics and Labor Unite

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Sun Sep 22 11:41:17 MDT 1996

John Young wrote:
>    The New York Times, September 22, 1996, p. 14.
>    Academics and Labor Leaders Pulling in Tandem Once More
>    By Steven Greenhouse

>    After a 30-year estrangement .......
>    Academics are counseling students to become union
>    organizers and are donating time. to teach courses to union
>    officials. Cornell University professors held a conference
>    with the A.F.L.-C.I.O. on how labor can do more organizing,
>    while many sociology professors are revamping their courses
>    to focus more on labor's role in society..........

>    "A lot of our students, after they leave here, will be
>    encouraged to join unions or will deal with unions in some
>    way, shape or form," Professor Knapp said. "These students
>    know little about unions, and we're trying to show them
>    what the labor movement stands for."

A very welcome development. Sadly the TU movement in this country is
still sinking. Membership has halved in the last since its peak in the
late seventies. At least the fact that Tony Blair did not get a total
walkover at the TUC a couple of weeks ago shows the old dog can still
give a nip.

Hopefully things will change when workers realise that New Labour cannot
fulfil the hopes and aspirations that they are pinning on it.

Are the TUs in the USA or elsewhere doing anything to organise the
unemployed workers? Things are very patchy here. Some friends of mine
are active in the National Union of the Unemployed and Workers. They get
a small amount of finance from a couple of other unions, but the TUC has
tried to stop even that.


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