There can be no provocateurs on the discussion-list

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Sun Sep 22 20:30:32 MDT 1996

Comradely greetings from Wei En Lin:


What is at stake on a discussion list is the coherence of the arguments
themselves.  If Marx himself, or Lenin, were to make postings on this
list, we would not respect the postings (or should not respect them)
unless they contain cogent arguments.

Louis: Malecki is the person that you and many others on the list
tolerate. If this were a big room, he would be the equivalent of a naked
man smeared in peanut butter . . . [etc.]


But this is not a 'big room'. This is a discussion-list/bulletin board.
I rarely read Malecki's postings.  I can choose which postings I read.
Perhaps, if you are reading  the the marxism-digest of the discussions,
you are frustrated at having to wade through every posting.  I could not
tolerate that.  There is too much to go through.

I suggest you access the archive at the following address:


If you access the archive, you can read any post you want and avoid or
exit any posting you are not interested in.

Incidentally, I agree with the goal of establishing a non-dogmatic
leftist electronic community on the world-wide-web.


Wei En Lin

PS Please do not make assumptions about people without checking first.
I am not a college student, as you assert.  I am, in fact, employed as a
teacher.  Certainly there is honor in being a college student, a worker,
a teacher, and a socialist factory-owner (as indeed Engels was). But let
us be accurate when we refer personally to others on the list.

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