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Remarks made by Lenin periodically on Trotsky:

In 1903, Trotsky was a Menshevik; he left the Mensheviks in 1904; returned
to the Mensheviks in 1905, parading around with ultra-revolutionary
phrases the while and again turned his back on the Mensheviks in 1906
.... Trotsky plagiarizes today from the ideas of one faction, tomorrow
those of the other, and thus he regards himself as superior to both
factions.... I must declare that Trotsky represents his own faction only.

Such people as Trotsky with his puffed up phrases... are now the disease
of the age.... Everyone who supports Trotsky's group supports the policy
of lies and deception of the workers... it is Trotsky's special task...
to throw sand in the eyes of the workers... it is not possible to discuss
essentials with Trotsky, for he has no views... we merely expose him as
a diplomatist of the meanest description.

This bloc is composed of lack of principle, hypocrisy and empty phrases...
Trotsky covers them by the revolutionary phrase, which costs him nothing
and binds him to nothing.

The old participants in the Marxian movement in Russia know Trotsky's
personality very well, and it is not worthwhile talking to them about it.
But the young generation of workers do not know him and we must speak of
him.... Such types are characteristic as fragments of the historical
formation of yesterday, when the Mass Labor movement of Russia was still

Comrade Trotsky has never yet possessed a definite opinion on any single,
earnest Marxian question; he has always crept into the breach made by
this or that difference, and has oscillated from one side to another.

Trotsky... as always, entirely disagrees with the social-chauvinists in
principle, but agrees with them in everything in practice.

February 1917 (one month before the collapse of Czarism)
The name Trotsky signifies: Left phraseology and a bloc with the right
against the aim of the left.

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