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Sun Sep 22 18:48:15 MDT 1996

At 11:43 PM 9/20/96 -1000, you wrote:
>Hey Gary,
>I was in a pub the other day and I ran into someone who told me that he
>was taught politics at some Queensland uni by someone called Gary
>McLennan. He said this Gary character had a huge beard and was
>continually telling the tute that they shouldn't just be talking about
>politics but should be down at the picket line at the SEQUEB dispute.
  Couldn't have been me.  I teach /have taught Romantic Poetry and the Evils
of Capitalism.  Australian Television and the Evils of Capitalism, Gender
Studies and The Evils of Capitalism, Documentary Film  and the Evils  of

Wonder who it could be?



BTW I have to dash off again but I want to take you up on the signs of hope.
I think you are right.

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