Proyect on Phil Berrigan! New letter from Phil B.

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Mon Sep 23 00:30:13 MDT 1996

>On Sun, 22 Sep 1996, Robert Malecki wrote:
>> Dear Bob
>> Thanks for your letter and the good explanation. Am sending your letter
>> to everyone worth while. I can think of. Hopefully, you'll get some
>> action in your behalf.
>Louis: Isn't this the sign of imperialist decay? That one of its
>agent-provocateurs could expect this little salutation above to have any
>meaning to anybody. Once upon a time cops could put together plausible
>deniability with a little bit more savoir-faire. This is pathetic.

Proyect, the slimy yellow journalist, climbing deeper and deeper into his
own grave, actually still believing that he can get away with this! Good bye
my little yellow journalist! 12 days to come up with the proof to the list
that Malecki is what you say. You have claimed that the list must know when
they are dealing with real "agent provacateurs and cops" to all Proyect. In
reality just more and more dirty yellow journalism of slander and lying.Not
one bit of substantive proof to your claims!

Are you going to take Phil Berrigan down also? (For people on the list who
do not know Phil Berrigan, he is a chatholic Jesuit priest who at 71 years
of age has spent eight years of his life in Federal and local prisons for
his anti-war activities) Good bye Proyect! You have completely exposed
yourself to the list and the world through Usenet on this one. From a petty
bougeois Menshevik-neo Stalinist to cowardly yellow journalism an attacks on
militants in exile for their anti-war activites. You are
"finito" as that say in Spanish.

Your expose an dossier on Malecki being a "cop,agent provacateur" on the
payroll of
imperialism which appears quite empty at this point is your own commitment
to a Kamakazi death cry! When they come to get you in the white jackets you
obviously will still be screaming "I know i am right" and "can't you people
see a real agent provacateur in your mist" and "Malecki has duped you all"
or something along those lines.

But more then likely madness is not the case in question here. But a brutal
to slander and lying yellow journalism. Any person on a left list or
newsgroup on Internet that believes anything you have to say after this will
certainly be hard to find.
And if the Unity list takes you back after this without some really heavy
proof by you about Malecki will mean that the "Unity" list will go down with
you also.

Bye Proyect!
A lying slanderous yellow journalist goes down! Good!

As your proof appears to be lacking. I sent a second letter from Phil
Berrigan to my defense against the slanderous lies of Louis Proyect, the
yellow journalist. Better get working Proyect, the evidence in favor of
Malecki telling the truth is piling up!


December 16 1995

Dear Bob,

The fall that eases into winter has been full of court appearances, so i
thought to share this little cartoon. Ardeth Platte and Carrol Gilbert spent
30 days each in jail in Howard County Jail. I was in court twice for
probation violation. I was being violated because of my arrest at the World
Bank, my refusal of home detention and the fine imposed in North Carolina
for my plowshares witness there a couple of years ago. The World Bank arrest
isssue is on hold until trial conviction (sheduled for December 14th); the
fine is waived because i have no money; the home detention is re-instated
and already not working. They don,t want to put me in jail but it looks like
they might.

As the season of trials nears an end most people have walked. Kathy Shields
will have to serve 4 months in a Half-way House for her witness to the truth
of the Enola Gay (she awaits notice to report); no one was imprisoned for
the Pentagon actions this summer. The November 17 trial ended with
unsupervised probation even for those who used the symbol of blood on that
bloody institution. The Jubilee Plowshares West were convicted last week on
federal charges of conspiracy and destruction as well as civil contempt of
court. The Jubilee Plowshares East were to be tried in State Court December
13 but were arrested by the feds this a.m. and willl have the state charges
dismissed in favor of a trial on federal charges probably early in the year.
Carol Gilbert, Ardeth Platte,Art Laffin,Mike Wallis and i face trial for our
April World Bank witness DFecember 14.

The outside of the new house is as finished. We had an insoection for the
framing, etc and aside from a few minor things we need to do were told to
get the insultation done before the next inspection. That is in process.

We are into the blessed season of Advent and preparing for the Feast of the
Innocents. Please recieve the enclosed flier as both Advent greetings and an
invitation to share that retreat with us if at all possible. And together
let us make this a holy and hopeful season. You help to make it so for all
of us.

Thanks for your latest. Very happy your book is finished. I,m sure it will
take its place with other resistance material from the Vietnam era. None of
that is wasted-
it is part of the slow process of holding the war criminals responsible.

Got newly convicted the other day for a resistance at the World
Bank-sentence in late January. Regarding resistance to Clinton,s warmaking,
the country seems dead from its - as both ways. So it's all the more
important to keep a small torch lit.

On December 27th, we go to D.C. for a 3 days resistance at the Pentagon.
White House and IMF-one of the robber banks.

Hope your Christmas is full of hope and Christ's peace. No easy thing-to be
seperated from your kids and family. All at Jonah House send you love and

Phil Berrigan

Read the book! Ha Ha Ha McNamara,
Vietnam-My Bellybutton is my Crystalball!

COCKROACH, a zine for poor and workingclass people

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