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dear wei en lin,

You raise some  more imporatnt issues here (9/22 posts).
Volumes have been written, thousands of discussions delivered , e-mail posts and
and much of what you ask is just in the process of being sorted out by serious
marxist forces.

The collapse of the Eastern state-capitalist  bloc  and the  promotion of more
open gunboat diplomacy by
the USA,as well, the other contenders for world  hegemony , Germany, UK, France,
China, Japan starting to
get antsey again  about their OWN imperialist spheres means questions you pose
need to be studied more about now we can draw out some conclusions from
perevious practice and an outline for the near term.

1) Yes, Lenin's teachings have helped the revolutionary cause forward in many
ways (like State and Revolution-still quite relevant) but i think it has serious
problems now with it as whole and it  needs updating --re: on old  colonialism,
and the problems and degeneration of "national liberation" in our epoch, the
nature of the modern global capitalism , tactics and programme  of communists in
advanced countries , nature of  modern unions and democracy  etc.
I will deal with this more later  but i don't have ALL the answers, maybe some

2) You are correct to hit the stalinos, castroists, trotsky people, soc.
democrats and others here  for their  impressionistic and for religio- dogmatic
interpretations of marxism.
I will try to aviod talmudism over the key issues  being posed.

3) I think you are correct in the main that in terms of the material/economic
basis, much of the world is ripe to sustain socialism--but

4) I think  we do not see eye to eye on some of the worlds changes over tha past
20 years especially.The era of progressive capitalism is long passed, worldwide.
Actually there are not too many pockets of pre-capitalist economic fromation and
domination in the world. Even much of the agriculture of Asia, Africa  and Latin
America is driven by capitalist method and laws and method.

5) Chinese agriculture too is driven much by wage labor and privitization of
land , is it not today , esp. in the last 20 years of  Deng type "reforms" also
Thailand, Vietnam, Mexico, Columbia, Angola, Zaire, Kenya, Zambia, etc. . Are
there really that many feudal type peasnats  prodcution left in the world today?
I don't think there are.

6) You are right I think when yoiu assert today that it is GLOBAL capitalist
relations that are dominant and this is key. But mere  pockets of pre-capitalist
social relations  existant  is no reason to  promote the needs of this 'stagism'
stuff  which only sows illusions is propping up nationalism and  exploiter class
rule.  The working class NOW is numerous enough in even semi-developed
capitalist states to give a go at struggle in their own name and
class interest , all the national bourgeois --big and middlin &  small fear the
proletariat more than thier own filthy  and bloody competition and  drives for
markets and raw materials.

7) Again, what are the actual class relations in Chinese agriculture, do these
worker  forces work the (state)
 feudal lords land for keep  or really don't most of the workers work for wages
and have a small plots of land
for produce to be sold on a capitalist market?

8) You say feudal relations are still much dominant in many parts of the world,
but where, strictly speaking?
You even posit that Pre-feudal areas are wide(chattel slavery???) , well yes,
this is true  in The Sudan , Saudi Arabia, and Equatorial Guinea but where else?

9)Remember, the days of Marx were when world capitalist relations were not
dominant and capitalism was still 'progressive" for many areas of the world .
Even then it was bloodstained,ask the US Native People survivors!  This epoch
for sure , certainly had ended by the 20th century  when capital and modern
imperialism became dominant world -wide..
Since then , world capital develops, true , but only to periodically destroy and
mutilate in tremendous conflagrations.
ww1, ww2, Depressions,  world crisis, etc.

10) On so-called national (capital) liberation, this could be backed, when
fuedal relations predominated as Marx did at times-- in his epoch , but not in
this epoch, most all national wars now  become proxy wars of the imperialists
powers. Real  national liberation a la the 18-19th Cent today is a mirage.

11) The rhetoric of Chinese and Russian rulers was socialistic but what they
really built was state-cap
regimes in the end-- I don't think this as inevitable though  and 'stages' can
be passedup with much material  aid of  successful  revolutions in the west by
western workers --but such a mass workers western  revolutions have not
materialized to fruition --at le ast  since the 1918 -21 period and they were
crushed, eg in  Germany, Hungary, Italy etc.

Well, just some thoughts. does this clarify anything?

Don't worry about snide remarks from forces like Louis Proyect, etc. These
mummified & dead forces are still mired in the mistakes of the old movement and
the CoC group he affiliates with are busy today  ringing doorbells ,  conjuring
up votes for the US imperialist  President.


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