"Unity" List,Organising the 91and 1/2 International.

Robert Malecki malecki at algonet.se
Mon Sep 23 06:20:08 MDT 1996

All of the people who have been watching or taking part in the struggle
around the
creation of the "Unity" list at Jefferson Village deserve and uppdate on the

The struggle began because the creators of the "unity" list started off on a
course of banning and exclusion of groups and individuals from taking part
in the discussions around the question of unity in the workers movement
after all of the estounding events that have taken place in the last few
years (foremost the fall of the former Soviet Union). These bans were
strictly political and directed at the old hard line Stalinists and the
people who claim to stand for authodox Trotskyism!

The struggle against this sectarian approach to discussing issues which are
extremely important to the workers movement internationally quickly led to
and open battle between the five man moderater "junta" that controlled this
new list and a principled opposition to these exclusionists and banning
policies. The struggle escalulated when people who in principle defended
these attacks by the "unity" list creators against fundemental bougeois
democracy and workers democracy in the workers movement. For defending those
who had been banned or excluded from "Unity" numerous people were expelled
>from the "Unity" list and a new rule about discussing Malecki or the
creation of the list was imposed on pain of expulsion.

This bureaucratic attack on the principled opposition to exclusionism, bans
and expulsions was not stopped but in fact grew where we have now numerous
contacts who are acting as moles on the "Unity" list and keep those who have
been banned,excluded or expelled well informed of what is going on at
"Unity" on a daily basis.

Thus we know about the creation of a new charter in its 6th (!) version
which has taken away most of the horrible open attacks on workers democracy
with a long document which gives unlimited power to the five man moderater
junta to decide who
will be allowed on the list and who will be turned away at the door. Above
this is a
secret docuement with special rules for those who led the opposition and
some of the people who were expelled. The rule is tha Malecki one of the
leaders of the opposition and who was never allowed in from the first for
being a "Spartacist"
is banned from discussion on pain of expulsion. And all those who do not
asccept list policy on the banning of certian groups and individuals will
also be show the door.

We also know that Louis Proyect who was one of the main instigators of the
hate Malecki campaign left the list in a rage because the "Trotskyists" had
invaded the list anyway. Proyect has continued his hate Malecki campaign and
as turned to yellow journalism and provacative accusations that Malecki is
lying about his Vietnam war activities and is and agent provacateur in the
pay of imperialism who is here on and errand of sabotaging all lists that
discuss the workers movement. Naturally not one shred of evidence has this
yellow journalist supplied for his grave accusations against Malecki.
Malecki on the other hand has supplied dates and times, names and places,
letters fron Phil Berrigan confirming his story and even a woman in
Cleveland openly said on Usenet which library to go to in order to check
Malecki's story out. But the slanders without evidence by Proyect the yellow
journalist continue and appear to be growing in intensity.

At the same time Proyect has reapplied for membership on the "Unity" list!
Is this the price demanded by the the "Unity" list moderaters or is Proyect
acting alone after the expulsions of the opposition from "Unity? At this
point i think that Proyect is acting alone. However if the "Unity" list
allows this yellow journalist back on "Unity" after the serious personal
slanders against one of the leaders of the way the "Unity" list was created
then things change! This means that they support these unfounded accusations
against Malecki who is banned from their list. And will use people like
Proyect to smear the opposition to their rotten unity project. So i warn
them now! Taking on Proyect again at this point will be political suicide
for the "Unity list!

Getting on to what is the "unity" list project in communist reality? This i
say is a fake unity project dreamed up by the 9 and 1/2 ers. That is a
of reformists from the 2 International, a group of liberal left overs from
the 3 International and a collection of fake Trotskyists of the 4
International that was destroyed by Pabloism. The sum total of the 3 groups
is 9 and 1/2. If you count this present fake attempt of false unity on the
politics of these leftovers from reformist,Stalinist,and liquidator

There idea of "unity" is trying to patch together 2 International trends in
the labor movement that have historically betrayed the working class. And
the fake 4 International liquidators who have never been big enough to
betray the working class
appear to be in the lead in taking this iniative. In fact liquidating
Trotskyism as they always have for a new opportunist creation based on the
politics of all three of these International trends. It is a creation that
is doomed from the outset and at the first serious sign of class struggle
will blow apart because it is based on three theorys that in history have
shown themselves  completely bankrupt. The 2 International Lenin wrote off
after the outbreak of the first world war. The third International built by
Lenin was declared dead by Trotsky after the Stalinist reponsbility of the
victory of facism in Germany. The Fourth International buildt by Trotsky was
destroyed by Pabloist liquidationism and his plans of entering the Stalinist
parties after the second world war. Thus liquidating the neccessity of
building a world party of revolution. The Mandelites under the false banner
of the 4 International contined along this course in order to chase the
third world guerilla movements, organisations like Solidarnosc' in Poland
saying that Trotskyists parties would develop of themselves through some
sort of dynamic pressure. In other words we tail and support anything left
sounding if it moves. Sooner or later they will become "Trotskyist".

After the fall of the Soviet Union the Mandelites, the neo Stalinists, the
left wing reformists are trying to create a new "Unity" Internationally on a
program which
is partially taken from any spontaneous movement on the left that develops or
various cleaned up reformist and neo-Stalinist projects and trying to build
Unity in the framework of a combination of all this. The "Unity" list at
Jefferson Village is and expression of this new fake unity project going on
Internationally.There we all can agree to disagree as long as we keep our
table manners and endlessly discuss the importance of this new found fake
unity of left reformists, neo-Stalinists, and fake trotskyist liquidators!
This is the common denominator of this group.

The only thing that they really agree on unanimously is to do everything
they can to bureacratically exclude,ban and expell any serious left
opposition and have special rules for the revolutionary Trotskyist
opposition! This opposition they fear because if the opposition was allowed
to discuss politics on the "Unity list" the 91/2ers would
run for cover. They have no answers to the communist revolutionaries that
defend the left opposition and founding documents of the Fourth
International which they destroyed! And the liquidators are cheered on by
the reformists and neo-Stalinists
because the new "unity" they are talking about is to their advantage and on
their rotten political programs that have been responsible for so many
defeats of the working class in the last decades.

Now these fakes want to cover their rotten line in a furry of discussion
around "Unity". Unity on the same god damned stuff that has failed time and
again!  The Trotskyist opposition to these bankrupt politics and
bureaucratic methods of bans,exclusions, and expulsion are growing. The
struggle has raised important questions and serious people will be watching
this continuing struggle. Because this struggle is not only going on at
Jefferson Village or Internet but around the real world outside of
cyberspace Internationally.

Forward to a Communist International.

Based on Trotsky's left oppositinn and the Transitional Program.

Against the reformists, neo-Stalinists and fake Trotskyist liquidators.

Against the 91/2 fake "unity.

For Communist unity

Warm Regards
Bob Malecki



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