Unemployed Organizing

Jon Flanders 72763.2240 at compuserve.com
Mon Sep 23 07:05:32 MDT 1996

 >> The NCP has worked very well with the Trotskist party Militant Labour on
unemployment issues. They have some very good class-fighters, who would rather
get on with the job than be pure and unsullied by contact with "Stalinists".
<<Richard Bos

 Jon Flanders:

  I am glad to hear it. And it doesn't surprise me either. As the political
situation gets worse, the ruling classes will succeed in driving both
different sectors of the working class and its varied ideological currents
into working together.

  For years, I have heard white workers piss and moan about people on welfare,
usually as thinly disguised references to African-Americans. Now they are
going to see the fruit of such racist thinking, as more and more workfare
recipients take formerly union jobs.

  If it takes a whack on the head from a ruling class crow-bar to get
"Stalinists", "Trotskyists", white workers and African-Americans to put aside
historical antagonisms and organize together, so be it.

  One thing is for sure, if the first blow doesn't get your attention, the
next one will. The capitalists don't have many "carrot" options left.

  E-mail from: Jonathan E. Flanders, 23-Sep-1996

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