The Rotten Block Must and Will Be Smashed!

Louis N Proyect lnp3 at
Mon Sep 23 08:01:46 MDT 1996

Louis: What spectacular theater! This is scene three of act three of
Marxism One and everybody should hold off going to the bathroom until the
curtains come down.

I have received private mail from one Trotskyist and lots of public mail
>from Vladimir Bilenkin indignant at my "persecution" of Malecki.

I think there is a political problem here that must be aired out. These
Trotskyist comrades have blinders on when it comes to what Malecki
represents politically. Just because he includes the phrase "Build the
Forth Intrenational" in each and every post doesn't mean that he is for

Today in the US there is an outfit called the Workers League that has a
slick, well-funded newspaper and that used to be connected with Healy's
gang in England. Nobody regards them as part of the left today. They are
seen as provocateurs. Can anybody prove it? Of course not.

What you have to do is examine their political behavior. They are an
extremely destructive and nutty group that pours enormous energy into
attacking other left groups. Lyndon Larouche's Labor Party had a similar
trajectory in the 1970s. Nobody could every prove anything about Larouche
but journalist Dennis King did a superb job attempting to.

Vladimir ignores my challenge. What is one to make of somebody who
appropriates the reputations of others who did put their beliefs on the
line? If somebody came along and said that they were a veteran of the
Lincoln Brigade and fought in the Spanish Civil War, but later other
veterans started saying, "who is that person, we don't know him". And
let's say that person used his prestige to break up meetings and cause
scandal. Wouldn't you have to be suspicious, especially when the person
refuses to tell you which unit he fought in and in which region and in
what months.

I don't blame people for being upset with me. This business is not for the
squeamish. I think most of the younger comrades have a lot of liberal
prejudices. They tend to think of this as a free-speech medium. I don't.
My  only interest is advancing the class interests of the workers. I leave
free speech to the ACLU.

But I invite anybody who still thinks that Malecki spent 12 years in
prison to speak up for him and base their support on what Malecki himself
has presented to the list. Vladimir doesn't for good reason. This is
mission impossible.

People who tell me that I can't prove anything. I have proved one thing
beyond a shadow of a doubt and to a moral certainty. This person Malecki
is a liar and a disrupter. Some day we will have access to CIA files and
we will be able to sort these things out, but for the time being this will
have to do.

On Mon, 23 Sep 1996, Vladimir Bilenkin wrote:

> In the context of Proyect's provocation against Malecki, lumpen-stalinists
> from US smell blood and join with the bourgeois wing of the
> metropolitan left against Trotsky and his revolutionary followers.
> Most unfortunately, they have been joined by Oleachea.  Again.
> This block must be smashed, routed (no prisoners taken), dispersed
> and exposed for what it is: the propagandist tool on the service of
> the most reactionary forces of capitalist restoration in Eurasia.

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