Consistency on unity list?

Hugh Rodwell m-14970 at
Mon Sep 23 09:34:11 MDT 1996

Louis P writes:

>Jorn, Richard is a leftist and Malecki is a cop. The future of Marxism is
>definitely not safe in the hands of cops.

This kind of charge from someone who's crawling to Per M & friends to get
back on the "unity" list!

Interestingly enough, JJP posted a few times to me on the fact that
behaviour in different places was quite enough to justify banning people,
it didn't have to be on the list in question. We'll see how consistent the
various reasons trotted out for keeping people off turn out to be in
relation to this latest case.

I mean, if Louis P's vile behaviour here can be disregarded by the unity
list as long as he promises to be on his best behaviour there -- why not
Bob Malecki, who also promised to be on his best behaviour?

I'm willing to bet an arm and a leg that Louis'll be let back in and Bob
and the rest of us will be kept out.



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