Turning a blind eye

Hugh Rodwell m-14970 at mailbox.swipnet.se
Mon Sep 23 09:34:29 MDT 1996

I wrote:

>>. Both sets of thugs have played fast and loose
>with information which might mean years in jail or deportation to torture
>and death.

JJ replied:

>Louis P has reposted information volunteered by Malecki. Malecki voluntarily
>posted this same information much more widely, onto apst which has a
>very much larger than that of this list. It was Malecki, not Proyect, who
>volunteered information publicly about another American living in Sweden, who
>had previously been the subject of private correspondence. And again, not only
>on this list but on apst. Just who is playing fast and loose with information
>here ?

I'm surprised he didn't write "Louis P *merely* reposted ... ".

The point is naturally not that Louis reposted what Bob M chose to post of
his own free will, but rather what Louis P threatened to post out of
personal spite and rabid anti-Trotskyism.

And if anyone can turn a blind eye to what Louis's doing, and act the
displeased headmaster with me or Bob, that in itself speaks volumes as to
their political orientation.

It looks like Louis will be welcomed back to Left-unity, where JJ's a
moderator, with open arms.

Each to his own.



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