A Quote on US imperialism by Karl Marx--any comments?

Hugh Rodwell m-14970 at mailbox.swipnet.se
Mon Sep 23 09:34:23 MDT 1996

Russell goes all squishy:

>Hugh recognises that mass killings are not nice, but this is okay since:
>"Kronstadt and Lenin's demand were painful necessities in a life-or-death
>war with imperialism."
>Necessities? Necessity is indeed the mother of invention!

If you don't recognize necessities, you're a magician or a fool. The
problem is obviously deciding what is necessary and what can be altered by
acts of the will. Where revolutionary judgement is concerned, it'll take a
lot more argument and proof than you've given to make me reject any
position taking jointly by Lenin and Trotsky.

>Are you really asying that the sailors of Kronstadt were a gangrene in the
>body >of the revolution? (And didn't Trotsky himself admit that it was a
>mistake to
>kill so many pro-revolutionary fighters?)

And would you have condoned the mutiny and risked the revolution? How many
lives would that have made you responsible for?

>More to the point, if you follow your logic through, you end up with an
>ice-pick in your hand...

Nope. The ice-pick was a deliberate act of hidden assassination, not openly
argued for and not even acknowledged by its instigators. It was not a
battle between massed forces in the heat of a revolution. It was the coward
Stalin's only answer to arguments and logic he couldn't refute. The
ice-pick Adolfo is so proud of today, was not a matter of pride to Stalin
when the blood on it was still warm.

Even if it's a bit backhanded, it seems you condemn the assassination of
Trotsky by Stalin's goon. That's good.

Note that I don't condemn you, as some might, for raising this question. I
just disagree with your judgement.

>Lenin and Trotsky were not gods.

Of course not. This is our great hope. What they achieved was done by
ordinary people driven by goals, consciousness and organization that can be
recreated by us now.

>They made errors, serious bloody errors.

Their biggest error, and the one Trotsky bears most responsibility for, was
not getting together after the 1905 revolution to build the Bolshevik party
as a team.

Their second biggest error, and one that actually follows from the first,
was not recognizing in time the possibilities of a regime degenerating in a
workers' state that unexpectedly survived in a world of encircling
imperialisms. And not doing something about Stalin in relation to this.

>Amputate the gangrene and cut out the rot please Hugh.

I'll do so as best I can as far as I'm concerned myself. When it comes to
Lenin and Trotsky, I'd say get to know them and what they did before you
start talking about gangrene and rot in them.



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