Cops and provacateurs

Zeynep Tufekcioglu zeynept at
Mon Sep 23 13:18:10 MDT 1996

I think Lou is unjustified in calling Malecki either a cop or a provacateur.
Labels as such can't be used unless there is proper evidence for it.

We are trying to create a new list, a list where we'll try to have more
substantive arguments. I think that will probably include restrictions on
the number of posts, and I think we should warn people when they start
repeating so much to the point of cluttering the list. Some may see that as
censorship, I don't. I think it is possible to moderate without censoring.
There will continue to be an unmoderated list, and there is no obligation to
subscribe to either the moderated or the unmoderated list.

What we are not trying to do is eliminate people any of us might think are
not making a proper contribution. We are trying to create some rules that
would encourage all of us to put more thought and effort to our posts, that
would make it easier for people around the world to follow the arguments.

So, I agree with Lou when he tries to emphasise putting more effort to our
posts instead of over-repeating and flame-baiting. I hope that all of us,
including Lou, concentrate on that, and put an end to this fruitless


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