A Quote on US imperialism by Karl Marx--any comments?

Kevin Cabral kcabral at freenet.columbus.oh.us
Mon Sep 23 13:35:53 MDT 1996

On Mon, 23 Sep 1996, Hugh Rodwell wrote:

> >Lenin and Trotsky were not gods.
> Of course not. This is our great hope. What they achieved was done by
> ordinary people driven by goals, consciousness and organization that can be
> recreated by us now.
> >They made errors, serious bloody errors.
> Their biggest error, and the one Trotsky bears most responsibility for, was
> not getting together after the 1905 revolution to build the Bolshevik party
> as a team.
> Their second biggest error, and one that actually follows from the first,
> was not recognizing in time the possibilities of a regime degenerating in a
> workers' state that unexpectedly survived in a world of encircling
> imperialisms. And not doing something about Stalin in relation to this.
	Do you feel at all that the excesses of the Cheka, and the killing
of the Romanovs were not mistakes? How about the censorship of the press,
and the political neutralization of the soviets?

Cols, Oh

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