Zeynep Tufekcioglu zeynept at
Mon Sep 23 14:57:01 MDT 1996

Well, I've been incommunicado for a few weeks. (No, not a vacation
unfortunately). So, I come back to find a lot of mail to read at once. The
marxism list, my dear comrades, looks AWFUL. I doubt any outsider would be
able to figure out why it was called a Marxism list.

I think the case for a moderated list is very strong. The rules proposed so
far are limiting the number of posts, limiting repetition, not allowing
slandering. The emphasis is to avoid censorship, and to avoid stiffling the

The rule for limiting the number of posts does at first look awkward. It
makes a lot of sense if the list is to be an international list. Us here in
the third-world pay a lot for internet access, and pray that it works often
enough. I've been on this list for almost six months now and it is costing
me about a 100 dollars a month to have the kind of access required to keep
up with a list like this. That is a lot.

Also, if we had a list that had a better signal to noise ratio, it would
make sense to translate some of the threads. Say we had people willing to
translate into at least Spanish, German and French and probably Turkish and
other languages where we could find willing contributors. In such a list, we
could hold cyber-seminars on topics of international interest.

Some discussion about setting up such a list has been going on. I hope this
makes as much sense most of you as it does to me. Anyone willing to or knows
someone who is willing to put in some work for translation?

As for the cry of censorship. There will be an unmoderated list. There is no
obligation to subscribe to the moderated list. Anyone who does not wish to
be subjected to rules that, imo, enforce and encourage content and effort,
can ignore the moderated list.

Let's get going, right?


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