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Robert Malecki malecki at
Mon Sep 23 15:06:29 MDT 1996

>Louis: I absolutely take it upon myself to nail Malecki and I am not
>inviting anybody else into this campaign. I have no "nice guy" reputation
>to protect.

Yes! you did and in two weeks time Proyect. Soon only 12 days left to come
up with the goods. Times a wastin my little yellow journalist. Get in their
and investigate. Get the grime on Malecki like you promised! Its time to
produce something here other then uproven slander and lies.
>Meanwhile, Rodwell apparently remains the only person on the list who is
>convinced by Malecki's assertion that:
>1) He was arrested sometime between 1969 and 1972, but can't give an exact
>month and year.

Arrested November 1969 in Silver Springs, Maryland. Charged in Baltimore
Federal Court. 9 months in the county jail in Baltimore, the rest at
Lewisburg Federal Penetentiary in Pennsylvania.
>2) He then spent 12 years in prison after serving as his own lawyer.

I was sentenced to 12 years. 3 years each on four different counts to be run
>3) Philip Berrigan's polite statement to the effect of "keep up the good
>work in Sweden" proves that Malecki is genuine.

Phil Berrigan's two letters is some concrete proof. Where is yours Proyect?
>4) An anonymous post from a "woman in Cleveland" to a newsgroup saying
>that Malecki is for real proves anything.

Ahh, the woman who was to busy raising babies. She took this lying yellow
journalist down. And told him which newspapers and librarys to check in
More proof for Malecki. Where is your proof Proyect?
>All I know is that I have a scrapbook full of newspaper clippings about my
>work in Nicaragua in the 1980s. If anybody challenged me, I would simply
>say start with an interview I conducted with Technology Review,
>published by Massachussets Institute of Technology in October 1986 on
>Tecnica. I would be happy to send anybody a copy of the article if they'd
>like. Now let's invite Malecki to make a similar offer.

Yes the pedant Menshevik! Everything in order there! However he was not
being chased by the FBI and CIA for his activities. He did not have feds
coming into the house and putting guns to the babies heads trying to find
Malecki. He was not wanted for numerous actions against draftboards, Dow
Chemical and other actions.
He was collecting articles for his fucking scrapbook! Hats off to the yellow
journalist and his scrapbook collection. I had to leave the country go
undeground and be smuggled to numerous countries not knowing if we would get
and amnesty at all. No time for scrap here. But this was not important for
us. the important yhing was to stop the war and stop the draft of poor and
working class kids and stop the production of Napalm and Agent Orange while
this Menshevik sucker was collecting articles for his scrapbook!

My scrapbook i had to write 25 years later. Its called Ha Ha Ha
McNamara-Vietnam, My Bellybutton is my Chrystalball! And it is not a
scrapbook for sitting and clapping ones own petty bourgeois intellectual ego
of how much i have done for the world in interviews for the university of
Massachusetts! Material for professors with their noses stuck so far up
their ass they don,t even know their shit stinks! No this book is for
working class kids to read. To give them some ideas about how are generation
tryed to fight the class enemy. Hopefully to give a message Hate the
Bougeoisie and depend only on you own people the poor and working class. Not
so lofty as our yellow journalists but extremely important as a link to the

Come on Proyect. No more words of slander. But proof is asked for. Is
Malecki a big bluff. An agent provacateur in the pay of the imperialists? Is
this guy who is using people who really sat in jail during Vietnam? And all
the rest of your yellow journalistic slanders? As they say, Put your money
where your mouth is Proyect.

Bob Malecki


Read the book! Ha Ha Ha McNamara,
Vietnam-My Bellybutton is my Crystalball!

COCKROACH, a zine for poor and workingclass people

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