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Robert Malecki malecki at algonet.se
Mon Sep 23 15:45:16 MDT 1996

Yellow journalist Proyect writes;
>Then he uses that reputation to turn a Marxist mailing list upside down.
>Now he is worked up over the left-unity list. I am convinced that the idea
>of left-unity across borders is something that has powerful people

The above from Proyect takes the cake. He left "Unity" in a screaming rage
about the Trotskyists. And now not only begging to get back in but claiming
that "powerful people are frightened"...

Meaning that the International bourgeoisie is frightened of the "Unity"
list. WOW!
WOW again. This is just so unfucking believable coming from this yellow
journalist that wrote "Malecki you should be on the list when they allow
Trotskyists like Rodwell on Unity." after he came back from is first visit
to the "Unity" list.

I wonder if his story about Malecki being a cop agent provacateur without
prove will change as his feelings about "unity". From being garbage and full
of rotten trots to that there are "powerful" people who are frightened and
begging to be let in again in the sum total of two weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You have just sawed off any limb that you thought you were standing on. A
renagade they changes positions like the wind that is blowing. no matter
what the "Unity" desides about this whacko they will have to take political
responsibility for that decision. i suggest letting him stay here with us
until the proof about Malecki is presented by him after such serious

Proyect has already committed political KamaKaze. I would think that the
moderaters at "Unity" would be smart enough at this point not to join him as
he dives at 700 miles and hour to his political death!

Bob Malecki

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