Trotskyism in the United States

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Mon Sep 23 16:51:11 MDT 1996

At 5:37 PM 9/23/96, Vladimir Bilenkin wrote:

>> >Exactly. The trick is to be uncompromisingly radical without being purist,
>> >critical without being sectarian, flexible without being sluttishly
>> >unprincipled, popular without being banal. Not an easy balancing act, but
>> >essential.
>> >
>> >Doug
>> Is this like out of the Libertarian bible or something?
>> Bob Malecki
>My guess it's from some sort of a Madison Ave prospectus for
>a fashion house going public.

OK, wiseguy, tell me what you think politics is about? Is it about
endlessly fighting over the class nature of the USSR? Figuring out what
Trotsky really meant? About fighting battles of 80 years ago? Tell me why
Marxism is in such disrepute among the working class of both the First and
Third Worlds? And what you think would be an effective strategy for
addressing that?



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