Trotskyists => neocons ?

David Walters dwalters at
Mon Sep 23 18:30:39 MDT 1996

Hmmm...a really rediculous discussion, but, hey, it's the internet so
who really cares???
OK....a few dozen intellectuals end up being neo-cons. Jeane
Kilpatricks doctoral thesis, in fact, was a defense of the POUM. VERy
FEW of them, even when, as Doug points out, they were in the Workers
Party, considered themselves "Trotskyist."

Most people who broke with Trotskyism BROKE with the workers movement,
just like most Stalinists (a HELL of a lot more, mind you) did. New
York is full of millionaires who were stalinists in the 30s. Big deal.

So...lets see...again...a few dozen not-so-Trotskyist academics break
with socialism and adopt capitalism. MILLIONS of Stalinists/Maoists
DON'T break with Stalinism/Maoism and RESTORE CAPITALISM. Yeah,
Stalinism, the root cause of counter revolution. Maoism=Counter revolution.

David Walters

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