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Mon Sep 23 21:54:45 MDT 1996

     Sorry, Adolfo, this doesn't fly.  Stalin was smart but
he was also one of the most notorious paranoids of the
century.  The reports that he was absolutely obsessed with
Trotsky come from many many sources.  If Stalin was so
intent on accusing everyone in the Moscow Show Trials of
being Trotskyists, why do you think their convictions and
executions would have satisfied him without having Trotsky
himself dead?
     I am well aware that Gordievsky was/is a British
agent, which is why I labeled him a "questionable source,"
although I remind all that many things he initially
reported have since been confirmed by numerous others.  But
Pavel Sudoplatov is your kind of guy, Adolfo, a true blue
fan of the Great Leader.  Pavel is very proud of what was
done and what he participated in as a big cheese.  His
memoir is hardly "revisionist propaganda."
     So, I would say that your common sense is, well, this
is a family list, and we have had enough flaming recently...
Barkley Rosser
On Tue, 24 Sep 1996 01:25:48 +0100 (BST) hariette spierings
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> >Adolfo,
> >     Ah, so we are getting back into fantasy land again,
> >eh?  If you want to be pro-Stalin and anti-Trotsky, fine.
> >Indeed, I remember that you had it as the supreme crime of
> >those charged in the Moscow Show Trials that they were
> >"Trotskyist plotters."  Wow.
> >     But, please, spare us from claims that Stalin did not
> >order and orchestrate the assassination of Trotsky.  The
> >evidence from numerous recently published books based on
> >KGB archival materials are simply too overwhelming in
> >contradiction to your claims.  Try Pavel Sudoplatov's
> >memoirs for the most recent, who remains to this a day a
> >big fan of your guy, Uncle Joe.  For a more questionable
> >source, try the book on the KGB by Andrew and Gordievsky,
> >although they have been backed up in numerous claims such
> >as the identity of the "fifth man," (John Cairncross) by
> >other more recent sources. Both books claim it was Stalin
> >all the way. Sudoplatov, who oversaw the WWII Soviet
> >intelligence effort to spy on the Manhatten Project, even
> >details how the safe house in Santa Fe used by the Los
> >Alamos spies was the same one used in the late 30s and 1940
> >to coordinate the effort against Trotsky.
> >     Adolfo, you are a very intelligent guy, but get real.
> >Barkley Rosser
> >On Mon, 23 Sep 1996 19:41:36 +0100 (BST) hariette spierings
> ><hariette at> wrote:
> You are of course - and like it is your usual function - regurgitating
> imperialist and Soviet revisionist propaganda - it is no longer surprising
> that it tallies to perfection with that of the Trotskysts themselves?  How
> come always the Trots get the blessing of the reactionary bourgeois like
> Blarney Rosser for all their anti-Stalin slanders?
> Gordioevski - which for you is only "a more questionable source" has been
> MORE THAN proven to be an old double agent of British imperialism and now in
> the pay of Rupert Murdoch and the most ultra-reactionary circles in Britain.
> If your other sources are only slightly less questionable - i.e. they
> haven't been found out yet like Orwell and we shall have to wait for the
> Official Acknowledgement - I just can tell you that I rather rely in the
> barest common sense to tell you that for me the original declarations of the
> participants at the time in Mexico who put the affair down to a Trotskyst
> inside settlement of accounts are the ones that make more by far the more
> sense.
> Who was going to waste time and a perfectly good ice pick in killing a man
> who was a total has been at the time?  Intelligent people do not kill
> political corpses. You can say that Stalin was whatever you like, but a
> stupid idiot, you certainly would not say he was!
> No Rosser, your professional anti-communist act is already well known!.
> Adolfo
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