Assassination of Trotsky

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Mon Sep 23 22:10:16 MDT 1996

 >>  I just can tell you that I rather rely in the barest common sense to tell
you that for me the original declarations of the participants at the time in
Mexico who put the affair down to a Trotskyst inside settlement of accounts
are the ones that make more by far the more sense.  <<Adolpho O

 Jon Flanders:

  This common sense notion explains to me why you go off the rails on the
Stalin question, Adolpho. You pretty much put a plus where the capitalist puts
a minus. This is not a bad rule of thumb for a worker in some cases. It just
is not good enough in the end.

  For a lot of bourgeois historians, the question of who was responsible for
the death of Trotsky is just a interesting detective story. To them, one
commie killing another is just a good day for reactionaries. The research has
been done, Mercader showed up in Czechoslovkia before he died, I believe.

  In short, in this case the facts are there. Are you going to deny that David
Siqueiros, the great Mexican muralist, didn't help out in the first attempt on
Trotsky's life in Mexico?  He admitted it himself. He was a prominent member
of the Mexican CP at the time.

  Now I shall put on my flak jacket and fireproof suit and await the result of
this observation. Not that I mind too much. Being flamed by you is like
getting machine gunned with tracer bullets sparkling with every color of the

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