Trotskyism in the United States

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Tue Sep 24 00:52:38 MDT 1996

Louis establishes more and more clearly his distance from even lip-service

>Probably the most interesting insight Le Blanc has about the Barnes
>regime involves some Freudian psychology. He says:
>"The impact of Barnes in the SWP is a reflection not of Leninist
>principles or the tradition of Cannon, but of basic human
>psychological dynamics. [snip]

>This is an absolutely brilliant observation. I happen to think that most
>of Freud is utter nonsense, especially that canard about infant
>sexuality, but his understanding of group dynamics in a group like the
>SWP seems right on the mark.

In other words, Freud might be nonsense, but he can be used to belabour
Marxism so give him his due.

And climbing on the clapped-out bandwagon of the prewar Mustes of this
world, Louis rejects class analysis, party-building and working for the
revolutionary transformation of capitalism.

>That should be our motto, shouldn't it?  Sidestep sectarianism and
>blend radical ideas with practical organizing.

Be interesting to see where this "left" reformist trajectory leads him. By
way of the unity list to the Labor Party and the Democrats?



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