Most loathsome post of the year?

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Tue Sep 24 00:38:20 MDT 1996

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>> But cop, agent procateur and in the pay of imperialism goes far
>outside of these bounds.
>But you grant yourself some pre-emptive amnesty in relation to your
>accusations against me of being a stalinist (which we both know means
>supporter and encourager of the mass murder of bolsheviks as well as
>the innocent), liquidator, liar, sleazeball etc etc ? You can forgive
>yourself of all sins and still accuse me of playing god ? You
>certainly have a breathtakingly high opinion of yourself to award
>yourself higher rights than god. Does that make you systems
>administraitor or what ?

OK Plant;

The choice is still yours. Go with the yellow journalist Proyect! See where
it gets you.

Good Luck!
Bob Malecki


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