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hariette spierings hariette at easynet.co.uk
Tue Sep 24 08:33:46 MDT 1996

>>I think that malecki is just a vulgar provocateur whose pay-off is only in
>>the pelf he gains by promoting his book in the bourgeois market-place for
>>anti-communist "left-masked" propaganda.  It is not necessary to be a paid
>>up member of a state organ of repression to be an anarchist provocateur and
>>a throroughly bad cockroach egg.  But I agree that he is not dangerous since
>>no intelligent people are going to take him seriously.  I tend to agree that
>>he is simply annoying after a while - specially when one gets bored with
>>kicking his same old behind over the same trite nonsense!  His clown's act
>>is wearing thin, I think!
>Well, coming from Aldolfo this is and honest statement. Malecki is not a
>paid agent.
>Yes, despite all the Stalinist rhetoric a clear position. Almost! As far as
>politics are concerned. It was not to long ago that Aldolfo was taken down
>politically. The United front discussion. The stage theory of revolution in
>Peru (making a deal with the bourgeoisie) among other things. By the way
>Aldolfo coming from peru i understand your hate of religion and especially
>Finally! Better to argue with an honest hardline Stalimist like yourself
>then the neo-Stalinist yellow journalism of the Proyect kind. Hats off to a
>honest hardline Stalinist! But we are going to have to take you down
>politically Aldolfo because your politics are bankrupt and just won.t lead
>the working class anywhere other then to new defeats!
>Bob Malecki

Hold on your flying horses, Bob.  I only said what I personally think:  That
you are such an idiot and such a self-centered individualistic own trumpet
blower and irresponsible prattler and gas emitter, that it is likely that
you act as a provocateur EVEN without pay - or, conversely, that you are so
cunning a capitalistic pig, that you are aiming to become a best selling
anti-communist author and cash in on some real bung by using this list as a
self-promotion bulletin board with no regard whatever to the aims of any
revolutionary or progressive person who may subscribe to it in good faith.
In any case, I agree with Proyect in that YOU ARE CERTAINLY A PROVOCATEUR.

As to you taking me down politically - OK - Dream on!. After I squish-squash
you a few million years more with my Red Army boots you may have another go
since dialectics dictate that no one can be a loser or a winner for ever. In
the mean time (a very long time indeeed) - sandal time is over in England,
the weather is turning cruel, so, watch out for mantras flying near your
garbage can residence all over again!


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