Adolfo's sense of humour = ice-picks

Hugh Rodwell m-14970 at
Tue Sep 24 12:06:46 MDT 1996

>>Adolfo writes that he's looking for an ice-pick to crush my skull with.
>Oh my! Oh my! what a sense of proportion with a joke!  Do you really think I
>would waste a perfectly good ice-pick on dumb plonker like you?
>In any case, it was a disgruntled Trotskyst agent - a man who later was
>welcomed by his masters the anti-Stalin clique of Khruschev into Russia with
>the aim of smearing Stalin - who carried that useless action upon a
>political corpse.  The Trotskysts only repeat the MI6 and imperialist line
>when they accuse Stalin of the actions of their own mignons.

Ah, yes. Everybody who says that Stalin was responsible for the
assassination of Trotsky is in the pay of MI6 and imperialism -- and
deserves to pay the penalty for it???



PS Some joke ...

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