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Mon Sep 23 23:53:42 MDT 1996

Jj Plant wrote to Robert Maleki:
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> > But cop, agent procateur and in the pay of imperialism goes far
> outside of these bounds.
> But you grant yourself some pre-emptive amnesty in relation to your
> accusations against me of being a stalinist (which we both know means
> supporter and encourager of the mass murder of bolsheviks as well as
> the innocent),

I am told that I am a "Stalinist" by some on this list, including you I

I will refrain from a sarcastic response and assure you that I do not
support or encourage the mass murder of bolshevics or innocent people.

I am working guy with callouses on his hands, and an aching back, who
wants to play a part in building a better life for the generations to
come. If Trotskyists cannot accept that then they are very sad people.
I, and my comrades are not the enemies of the people.

De-humanising your opponent is the road to mass murder. It would not be
true to say that all Trotskyists do this, but it is certainly a common
trait. Luckily when put in the position of having to work with
"Stalinists", that attitude mostly changes.


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