Trotskyism in the United States. Lookie What We've Got Here!

Hugh Rodwell m-14970 at
Tue Sep 24 14:44:04 MDT 1996

>At 11:02 PM 9/23/96, Vladimir Bilenkin wrote:
>>Tsik, tsik, tsik, what a rotten, what an archi-rotten little block we
>>have gotten in! And with some Wall-Street marxists at that! Indeed, our
>>flexibility is infinite.
>What happened? You seemed like a reasonable fellow when you first showed up
>here, Vlad. And now you've morphed into Malecki, though with better command
>of the language. Is the pathogen all that time you've spend "in the

It's called seeing and learning, Doug. And what's happened is that it's
given Vlad's reasonableness a political cutting edge when it comes to
people who claim to support the revolutionary aims of the working class but
in fact struggle bitterly against them.

Vlad's position is a straw in the wind that is beginning to rise in the
former Soviet Union. You'd better get some more substantial political
clothes on before it reaches New York or it'll blow right through you.



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