Most grotesque post of the year?

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Tue Sep 24 15:13:01 MDT 1996

Adolfo writes, among other fascinating titbits:

>You are always asking for proof, my dear QC.  But on this, you throw away
>your barrister's wig, and proceed as if Stalin - who was thousands of miles
>away and had a lot more to contend than bothering about  an old charlatan in
>Coyoacan, Mexico - was guilty as an ARTICLE OF FAITH!  - A bit more like an
>inquisitor.  The Moscow trials were also falso despite all the confessions.
>What sort of twisted logic is this?  Where there is no proof but hearsay
>from an accussed enemies - he is guilty.  When the accussed confessed
>themselves in front of the whole world - they are innocent.  Ah! The faith
>of the religious!

I think this deserves a prize too. For the most *grotesque* post of the year.

Adolfo is telling us that a public confession is a sure sign of guilt.

But this is just what every two-bit tyrant and dictator in the whole of
history has been telling us. "Look, the scapegoat confessed. Such evil must
be wiped from the face of the earth." And not a word about how the
confession was extorted.

Zeynep, could you tell us how the Turkish government extracts confessions
>from its political enemies? And yet a public confession is a sure sign of

Perhaps a comrade from the Southern Cone could tell us how Pinochet or
Videla or their Brazilian buddies extracted confessions? And yet a public
confession is a sure sign of guilt.

The Brits in Irelang make the process simple and quick. Prisoners are
soaked and frozen and kept from sleep and subjected for long periods to
irregular and very loud engine noise with a black hood over their head. And
yet a public confession is a sure sign of guilt.

On the other hand, Adolfo will probably tell us there were no prisons in
Stalin's Soviet Union, and that smiling courageous citizens of the new
socialist world voluntarily rounded up the few outside agitators and
ringleaders who tried to blacken the glorious reputation of the Eagle of
the Caucasus and who had the gall to pass themselves off as former leaders
of the Great Proletarian October Revolution.



PS Louis P, our apprentice investigative journalist, might like to try his
hand at finding out just what part Adolfo played in these Peruvian events,
who he represented and what he stood for?

It'd give him something to do in his vacation now he's chickened out of
researching Bob M.

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