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Adam Rose adam at
Tue Sep 24 09:49:08 MDT 1996


I have saved your post for future reference.
I think Hugh is correct about his comments re:Freudianism.

As I have indicated privately, whenever Zinoviev got out of
Lenin's immediate control, he veered off either to right or
left. In Lenin's words, "he has never, I think, made
an independent study of dialectics".

What strikes me about your whole approach to the question
of organisation is that you seem to cut that question off
>from politics in general.

Kautky's, Lenin's, yours, my, position on politics and on
organisation are related. If you want to put one first,
then it should be politics.

You have never analysed the politics of the SWP-US and
related its politics to its organisational decline, at
least in my memory ( except for the odd snippet about
Cuba ).


Adam Rose


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