Declaration concerning an impermissible "WMC communique"

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Tue Sep 17 02:31:09 MDT 1996

Declaration concerning an impermissible "WMC communique"=20

By Rolf Martens, Malmoe, Sweden, 17.09.1996

Yesterday, 16.09.96, there was put out on the Internet,
by <hariette at>, a statement said to be
"another article translated from the latest El Diario
Internacional (Number 35 - August 96 edition)". The
statement was headed:



dated "Brussels, August 1996"

and signed, or purportedly signed, by a number of
organizations, among them "Emergency Committee -
Malmo - Sweden".

I hereby declare that=20

A) I am in no way co-responsible for this statement.
B) I repudiate it, not because of its contents, which I,
as far as these confusingly presented contents are
understandable, absolutely support, but because of the
manner and circumstances in which this statement is
C) The signature to this statement of the Emergency
Committee - Malmoe - Sweden is not a genuine one.

I'm making this declaration in my capacity as
1) representative and propagandist of the political line of=20
Marx, Lenin and Mao Zedong since 1974,
2) member of the Emergency Committee - Malmoe -=20
Sweden since its foundation on 23.10.1992 and member,
since the Founding Conference of the IEC in February 1993,
of the Steering Committee of the IEC,
3) contributor since March 1995 to the dissemination of
El Diario Internacional,
4) co-endorser since March 1996 of the Call for the WMC.

I call on the other co-endorsers of the Call for the WMC
likewise to repudiate this so-called communique.

Why is this necessary?=20
Why is this statement not acceptable?

I would like to call your attention to the following 5 points,
for an explanation of this.

=A41. The heading of this communique seems to indicate that
a WMC - a World Mobilisation Commission to defend the
revolution in Peru - has already been formed, although this
is not clear either, since, at the end, individual signatories

If it is to be taken as meaning that there already is a WMC,
this WMC would then have been formed in a completely
impermissible manner. There was put out a Call for a WMC
in March of this year. Several organizations and some
individuals including myself endorsed this Call. When a WMC
is to be formed, then obviously, the endorsers of the Call
for it must have a say on this formation. But I at least have
received no information whatsoever on this communique prior=20
to its being published. =20

If it is not to be taken as meaning that there already is a
WMC, then what is the point of it? It cannot but spread
public confusion concerning this question.

=A42. Mysteriously, the communique starts out with six points
in the infinitive. Those six points are approximately the same
as those which the Call for the WMC states would be the
tasks of the WMC, but not exactly the same - two of them
are somewhat abbreviated as compared to the Call. I on
my part absolutely would endorse the contents of them.

Only, I in no way have been asked to do so in this manner,
and therefore must protest against this "August 1996
communique" which bears the signatures of some of those
other signatories to the original Call which I know of, but
does not bear my signature.

=A43. It isn't clear what the communique means by its simply
stating, initially, "to do this, to do that". Is it the case that=20
a text originally in Spanish, calling on people to do this and
that, has been mistranslated into English? If so, this would
clear up that particular mystery and would leave instead a
criticism to be directed against the translator.

=A44. When among the signatories of this communique there
appears one local IEC group of which I am a member, it
must be pointed out that this local group, the Emergency
Committee - Malmoe - Sweden, has held no meeting
whatsoever to endorse it, at least none to which I have
been called, and a meeting without all members being
called beforehand of course would have been an illegal

In fact I did propose, in April of this year, a meeting of our
local IEC group with a view to our endorsing, as a group,
the Call for the WMC, but because of certain circumstances,
in connection with expulsion threats here among other things,
such a meeting has so far not come about.

On 10.06.96, comrade Luis Arce Borja, the editor of El Diario
Internacional, directly asked me whether my endorsement of=20
the WMC had been on the part of some organization or other.
I replied in the negative. My e-mail endorsement, on 30.03.96,
also made clear that it represented nobody but myself as an

=A45. To the efforts really to create a WMC, efforts which I hold
are very important - not least since task point 4 of the Call for=20
it, "To defend Maoism as the new, third and superior stage of
Marxism, within the context of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism
taken as a unity in development" - implies the possibility of
the WMC:s giving genuine guidance to the international
proletariat - this complely impermissible and confusing
"Communique No. 1, of August 1996" cannot but do grave

This declaration will be sent by e-mail to the Jefferson
Village Virginia Marxism list and by mail to El Diario

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