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Tue Sep 24 21:32:42 MDT 1996

Adam has written to me seeking my intervention in the Malecki _ Louis P.
affair.  I wrote a reply but a computer glitch meant that it got lost.  On
reflection I think I will reply publicly.  the list is in a horrible  mess
at present.  Adolfo is fighting to defend the honor of Stalin the trots are
defending the honor of Trotsky.  ream after ream.  It is the Left at its
absolute worst.  It is what has made us a sad joke and a caricature of what
we could be.

Now the Malecki affair.  Louis' charge against Malecki is that he has helped
destroy this list.  Certainly no one can disagree with that.  Even those who
champion Malecki would not be able to look me in the eye and defend him.
Even the prince of arrogance himself Cheers Rodwell would flinch.

this list was once one of the most exciting and challenging places to be.
there was so much knowledge wit and style and commitment.  Now we are
getting choked by the banal.  It reminds  me of the Malabar caves sequence
in Passage to India.  we go on the list and all  we get echoed back  at us
are grunts from Malecki.  We scrabble like dogs fighting over long forgotten
issues.  we refuse to address the problems of today.

Moreover this is cyber  space and the antidote to left sectarianism is not
open to us.  We cannot achieve action to bring unity.  We have to fall back
on notions of respect, decency, civility etc.

Now I will say something about Louis P.  That arrogant prig Rodwell  will
call this diving into  the ruck.  So be it.  I am proud to be a political
ally of Louis P and Doug Henwood.  I wish Rodwell joy of his companion
-Malecki. Is there anyone who can doubt Louis' commitment to  the Marxism
List?  No, absolutely no one.  He  has had to sit and watch it degenerate
and now Malecki is all over it like some horrible fungus.

Rodwell who should know better refuses to cut Malecki adrift because he
thinks that because Malecki and he share a grab bag of slogans that they
have something in common.

Adam Rose a patently decent person and the acceptable face of ISO politics,
and Vladimir who  wrote so eloquently about his country's suffering both do
not seem to understand what is happening.  Adam thinks Lou is now destroying
the list. It is already destroyed, Adam.  It is all over.

Louis had wanted this to be the Iskra of cyber space.  I note that both Adam
and Rodwell criticized this notion.  Now Adam  seems to be anxious about the
list's continued existence.  Why so.  The  difference between Louis and Adam
and Rodwell is that Adam and Rodwell share a party building approach to
life.  Adam of course much less that Rodwell.  The latter "intervenes" on
this list.  Louis on the other hand wanted it to be a forum for advancing
Left thought and not simply the needs of some sect.

Now I believe we should be bending our collective energies into finishing
this list off.  As it exists now it is a scandal - a proof that we Marxists
are a joke.

If a new moderated list starts up I will volunteer to be a moderator and my
first task I tell you now will be to throw Malecki off. No warnings. Not a
single one. I  will  cut Rodwell some slack should he subscribe because he
is a brilliant man who if he could only  control that arrogance would make
a contribution to international Marxism.  But he too will get the chop if he
does not behave and I won't give a damn about any slanders spread.  Let me
put it in ISO terms , I call getting rid of the likes of Malecki as showing
leadership and respect for others. Trust me I will sleep very soundly after it.



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