Adolph Reed supports Democrats

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Wed Sep 25 00:03:43 MDT 1996

dear Richard,

Seems the sophistries and apologetics for  some leading lights of the  Labor
Party (LP) to
back Democrats knows no bounds.

The quote from  LP honcho Reed in the Progressive is clear enough. It means  put
a clothespin
over your nose if you wish, but back the Democrats, no matter how much this
capitalist party pisses in the face of workers.

You know the AFL chiefs contemptable slogan for getting Democrat votes. If not,
I'll give you a hint , P.T. Barnum said it first i think.

In addition  another LP honcho, Mr. B. Wages is now on board the  Democrats
Donkey train. You know,
birds do it, bees do it . Labor fakers also do it--to the workers!

Ever wonder why the LP has no problem with most all their AFL  COPE money going
the the capitalist
Democrats, and even a few Republicans, per usual?
That it itself says a lot about the LP scamming going on.

By the way, what happened to that mass labor march Sweeney/Trumka said they
would build for for the
Detroit newspaper strikers for Labor Day? Maybe they meant 1997.
Err. Ah. Also on June 20, 1995 , John Sweeney said he would support building a
General Strike in LA
county if any  more serious layoffs hit SEIU workers and families happened.
Well, John the Labor Faker, we are still waiting, that was 15 months and 3,700
fired SEIU workers ago.

We won't get a serious struggle against cuts and layoffs form the AFL leaders or
its lieutenants who run the LP.  They are too busy bedding down with liberal
capitalists, who support 80% of the Gingrich-Dole programme.
That real struggle of workers  will have to be built by the ranks , from below.


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