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Robert Malecki malecki at
Wed Sep 25 03:58:58 MDT 1996

>dear friends,
>Gary Ms post on the state of the list reeks of personalism, arrogance,
>subjectivism and intellectual dishonesty.
>All traits which K. Marx himself said many times he so much dispised.
>It  can be taken as a reflection of how these censorious forces would like the
>workers movements
>them selves to be "run'. Fear not comrades, the workers are too wise, and these
>would-be men on
>horseback will never get the chance.
>You cannot put any chinese wall between the state of the marxist groups /trends
>existing today,
>(for many a fragile existence to be sure) and a cyber forum of disscussion and
>debate amongst Marxists
>and wanna-be marxists. There is some interconnection, however tenuous.
>No serious forces will think that  the E-mail discourse for new movement
>building  today in a period of crisis for the  int'l. proletariat as well
as the
>exploiter system can exist without some of the the verbal brawler,  cyber-bare
>knuckle types, and political sucker punchers  trying to get in their
licks.. For
>Gary  M. to try to imply that some of the forces he allies with are all hands
>clean in this is disingenuous. It's like the highwayman with the smoking gun in
>hand yelling "he ran that-a-way , Stop thief!"
>In the end, all this  is really fluff and pansy picking compared to doing open
>agitation and  organizing inside the class itself. That is the arena which our
>mettle should really will be shown and the arena it must be judged in the end,
>by the advanced forces on the class itself, on their motion in the class
>struggles, big and small.
>This kind of  Torquemadist, McCarthyish  and Vatican like attempts to "get rid"
>and "throw off' the
> "heretical' bumblebees on the list  just for trying to politically sting their
>opponents  shows  that those who advocate such methods have learned  nothing of
>one of the key reasons as to why the domnant  old communist movement  fractured
>and nearly- died in the first place.
>Let us debate and criticize, then organize. No threats of e-mail purges please.
>Use the delete button instead.

Now Neil would be a good candidate in a moderater team on the new open
forum. He sees the difference between political battles and mud slingling.
Both Neil and i have had some pretty hard battles and certainly will do that
in the future. But Neil knows where the class line goes and in my experience
with him in principle never crosses into the realm of yellow journalism cop,
agent stuff which poisens *real* political struggle. He should definitely be
part of the team.

Bob Malecki

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