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Wed Sep 25 08:47:57 MDT 1996

On Wed, 25 Sep 1996, Adam Rose wrote:

> I have three concerns, in decreasing order of importance :
> i)	Louis is making it harder to kick Malecki off the NEW list, not easier.
> ii) 	Louis is embarrassing himself.
> iii)	Louis has encouraged the worse side of Hugh to come out, not the best

Louis: Which "new" list? Ehrbar's unmoderated zoo? No problem there. That
will be a haven for Quispe, Malecki and others of that ilk. I assume
Chris Burford will be over there also to take their temperature while Hans
reads Alice Miller to suss things out.

Embarrass myself? How dare you. You know how important it is for me to
project the proper image and decorum. I will never forgive you.

What gets Hugh's goat is my review of Ali's novel and the Wald/Le Blanc
book. Your's too. Instead of coming out and saying how dare you take Ali's
portrait of "Jimmy Rock" seriously, you come to Malecki's wounded pride.

By the way, there is a secret faction on this list that I am part of, but
not in the leadership of. The central committee took a vote and mandated
that I never respond to Malecki again. Since I am a disciplined comrade, I
will abide by this decision.

> Finally:
> > Louis had wanted this to be the Iskra of cyber space.  I note that both Adam
> > and Rodwell criticized this notion.
> And were we right ?

Louis: Well, Hugh wants it to be a Duma. Is that less grandiose? I can
picture him in tails and prince-nez glasses calling for the abolition of
ground rent or some such thing. Oh well, no more harmful than my fantasy
about being a guerrilla in Central Park.

What Adam gets out of the list is a little different. It is for him, like
Barney Ross, a means of amusement, something to help pass the working-day
while he is designing integrated circuits. Like Solitaire. The real
discussion for him takes place behind SWP closed doors.

> I think these exagerrated hopes have been partly to blame for Louis' recent
> irrational, paranoid, and offensive behaviour.

Louis: Not a chance. My irrational behavior has been with me since the age
of 3 at least. It has to do more with the fact that my father lived in the
shed behind our house speaking to the ghost of Franklin Roosevelt while my
mother had run off with the Kosher Aces, America's only all-Jewish
motorcycle gang. I was raised by my uncle Moe, a Trotskyist longshoreman
and beat poet. That's the explanation, not expectations that this list
would be like Iskra. The new moderated list *will*. No nutters need apply.

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