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     The question of "nationality" in the former Soviet
Union was certainly a difficult one.  A citizen had his/her
"nationality" stamped into his/her internal passport, and
"Jewish" was an official nationality.  Thus, Trotsky would
have been labeled that despite his being born in Ukraine
and raised to speak Russian.
     Stalin was actually a Russified-Georgianized Ossete.
The latter, whose native tongue is related to Farsi, are
thought by many to be the direct descendents of the
     The nationality of Lenin is an even murkier business.
whereas Trotsky would have been "officially Jewish" and
Stalin "officially Georgian," Lenin would indeed have been
"officially Russian," although I do not know when these
passports were initially introduced (Vladimir?).  But
Lenin's ethnic heritage was completely mixed with not more
than about one eigth being actually Great Russian.  He was
part Tatar and part German, among other ethnic heritages.
In that respect he was the ideal "homo sovieticus," beyond
traditional nationalities or ethnicities.  But it should be
noted that many people who are officially Great Russian
actually have very mixed ancestries.
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> On Tue,Sep 24, 1996 3:54:26 PM, Doug Henwood wrote:
> >At 9:44 PM 9/24/96, Hugh Rodwell wrote:
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> >>Trotsky was born a Jew. Stalin a Georgian. Lenin a Russian. You a
> Peruvian.
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> >Russian Jews aren't Russian?
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> >Doug
> Trotsky was born near Odessa.  Last I heard, that was in Ukraine, not
> Russia.
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