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Wed Sep 25 12:09:33 MDT 1996

     As a matter of fact my first posting to the list was a
satire on some of the already ridiculous discussions going
on.  I received a great deal of offlist commendations for
it.  Feel free to repost it to your delight.  You just did
not like it because it made fun of you by name, and with
good reason.
     Not all governments that have called themselves
"communist" have been cruel.  But many have been, and I see
no reason to gild the lily or to tolerate people uttering
utter historical drivel, such as we have had out of good
old Adolfo recently.  Aren't you the one who says that a
successful new socialist movement must avoid the errors of
the past, Lou?
Barkley Rosser
On Wed, 25 Sep 1996 13:00:55 -0400 (EDT) Louis N Proyect
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> On Wed, 25 Sep 1996, Rosser Jr, John Barkley wrote:
> > Gary,
> >       I totally disagree with you and I repeat it for the
> > umpteenth time.  The new list should be moderated for
> > volume, not content.  There have recently been posts from
> > quite a few people agreeing with this.  It works well on
> > ecol-econ. It could work here.  Who are you to decide which
> > lunatic on this list is the worst and must go?
> Louis: I have no idea what the new moderators are going to propose. I only
> hope that they can put it together before the millenium.
> They just might limit it to quantity. That would be a step forward, not
> having to listen to Hugh's speech to the Duma more than 3 times a day.
> There is another factor which might require moderation beyond that.
> Marxism is a magnetic for all sorts of trouble-makers who have no interest
> except in scandalizing and defeating it. I consider you to be one of those
> people. You are a left-liberal, an anticommunist and a Zionist with very
> few genuine Marxist insights. This is a place where you can act out as the
> "bad boy". Don't you recall your first post to this list? Do you want me
> to track that bit of juvenalia down? Once you've exhausted the subject of
> market socialism, you have very little to say except one or another item
> involving the cruelty of communism.
> You should feel right at home in the new unmoderated list. You can start a
> thread on cannibalism in Mao's China or any other burning issue you deem
> suitable. Good luck to you.
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