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hariette spierings hariette at
Wed Sep 25 11:22:09 MDT 1996

>Gary, Louis has called Malecki a cop and Hugh an anti - semite. I understand
>why he has been driven to this, but there is no excuse for it. It is just
>not acceptable.
>I apologise to Malecki and Hugh for not saying so earlier and more loudly.
>So should everyone else, Gary included.

Why apologise for calling a spade a spade?  In malecki's case Louis is only
wrong in giving that provocateur too much credit by believing that he would
have the brains to get paid for what he does for the bourgeoisie free of charge!

In the second case - It is for RO(r)Dwell to explain how did he arrive to
the state of mind that let him slip those racist remarks?

As to Adam Rose, I bet he blows his top all over again! - Just wait!


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