Louis as moderator?!

Rosser Jr, John Barkley rosserjb at jmu.edu
Wed Sep 25 16:03:23 MDT 1996

     Now we get it.  Louis all along has been lusting to be
moderator.  He wants content moderating so he can be the
master of the groucho marxism list and purge all the
annoying people like me who somehow don't kiss his ass
appropriately.  Sorry, Lou, no kissing.  Lou, besides the
fact that you are one of the least moderate people on the
list, I note that the last time you comodded M1 it was a
total *@#&%! disaster.  Has your memory gone already?
     Just for the record, if Adolfo can restrain himself
>from declaring that Stalin did not have Trotsky killed and
that everybody convicted in the Moscow Show Trials was
guilty as charged, I shall not post messages disagreeing
with those assertions.  I don't ask that he agree with the
contrary.  Would that make you happy, Lou? If you're nice,
I might even throw in a few anti-profit motive tirades,
just for your edification.  Of course, you're right; it is
a waste of time responding to Adolfo as about the only
people who buy his tripe are either hypnotized robots like
Shawgi Tell or senile fossils like the membership of the
London Stalin Society (uh oh, Adolfo will probably now tell
us all about all their exuberant Gen-X factions, :-)).
Barkley Rosser

Rosser Jr, John Barkley
rosserjb at jmu.edu

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