Vlad the impaled

hariette spierings hariette at easynet.co.uk
Wed Sep 25 18:39:31 MDT 1996

>At 6:33 PM 9/25/96, Vladimir Bilenkin wrote:
>>        Just was passing by...and look who's hear! Together , again!!
>>        Having a little talk at the duck pond.  And where is Lou, Doug?
>>        Just left? Hm.  And Adolfovich just happened take a walk around and
>>        that's how you've met?  A coincidence, of course? Aha. And it's not
>>        my piggish business, anyway? And what if I have learned a bit of
>>        "communist morality" from my older comrade Proyect!
>>        Adolfovich, what did I tell you yesterday about loyalty?!
>>        Did Vladimir Ilyich teach us to be little sneaky opportunists?
>>        Did he teach us to meet at the little duck ponds with "observers"?
>>        What's you hiding behind your back? Mdm. Radcliff! Castles, ruins,
>>        stakes, ice-picks... Hm.  At least, not Paul deCock, you silly old
>>        You say, I'm getting piggishly imposing, Doug? Off off off I go
>>        home writing. And you know what, Adolfovich?  "Three Tactics", eh?
>Imposing? Hardly. Silly is the first word that comes to mind in fact, with
>intoxicated close behind.
>Ironically, along with the deterioration of your mind and personality has
>come a strange aping of Adolfo's prose style - only he does it much better
>than you do.

Well Doug, however fumblingly done, and since some say that imitation is the
sincerest form of flattery, I see a truce flag waving and a proposal for a
cease-fire somewher in all that whinning.

Maybe Vlad is already sobering up - or the garlic pills are beginning to
take effect on Rodwell and malecki's fangs and our rusky can now finally
find his brain under all that gasified vodka cloud.  Maybe he - and anybody
else interested in making revolution - will now be ready to do some serious
study of what the counter-revolutionaries of TODAY have learned since 1917.

It is with that in mind that I am bothering to translate those interviews
with the top military brass and counter-revolutionary intellectuals of a
country in revolution - TODAY - not decades ago.

Know thy enemy and win a thousand battles! heh?


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