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> That is why here (in Peru) already we can see the perfect definition of two
> sides:  Those who want to destroy the system and those - like us - who want
> to mantain it.  There is no middle ground.  There is no neutralities,
> formless and indefinite positions here.  And these positions will have to
> define themselves more and more sharply each day passing.[snip]

> And to all this, there is no one who has an answer.  Not even the Left knows
> what to do

This is the tour de force of the interview. The Left thrives on the middle
ground and in the latent phase of class struggle.  This is why this concept
was absent from Russian political vocabulary.  The Left was born out of the
postwar economic boom in the West. Has it been exported to places like Peru?
Or does it have a real class base?  If the lines are indeed drawn as clearly
as the General claims there seems to be no space left for the Left, except for
the purely political remnants from the pre-revolutionary period.

The General is frank. Perhaps, too frank, keeping in mind that he has a
reputation of being himself a "progressive". He must be also a specialist
in propaganda and counter-propaganda, disinformation, and a psychological
warfare. What is the origin of this book?


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