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Wed Sep 25 22:32:28 MDT 1996

Hugh Rodwell wrote:
> Ralph doesn't know a thing about what's been going on on m1.
> It's the ideological confrontation forced on the working class and its
> political consciousness in its parties by the collapse of the world
> Stalinist leadership in the late 1980s. We are still working out materially
> the consequences of October in the age of imperialism and world wars. This
> isn't resuscitating long-dead corpses, it's dealing with living
> contradictions that have been suppressed and denied. It's an absolutely
> necessary part of the struggle today -- much more necessary than I would
> have imagined possible before I subscribed to these lists.
> The most important struggle is obviously organizing within the working
> class. But even that needs to answer questions about how and what we
> organize -- and we're back at square one. *There is no consensus*. The
> strategic positions must be formulated and fought for. Over the past few
> months we've been seeing clearer lines drawn up, mainly between an emerging
> block of non-party reformists and non-revolutionary Marxists on the one
> hand and party-building partisans on the other.

There! That told us. Mr Rodwell and Mr Maleki are the political
consciousness of the working class, and party building partisans
fighting necessary battles against the rest of us non-party reformists
and non-revolutionary Marxists.

I was going to say "Bollocks!", but I decided to say, "In your dreams
Hugh!" instead.


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