Volume limited lists?

Hugh Rodwell m-14970 at mailbox.swipnet.se
Thu Sep 26 03:09:39 MDT 1996

Chris wrote:

>I am not clear whether opinion is gathering that the open unmoderated
>marxist list which Spoons has said it will make available, should be
>volume limited. ie a maximum number of posts per day, or some mechanism such
>as Barkley proposed.

You never give up do you, Chris? The open, unmoderated list,
Marxism-general or whatever, should be just that.

If an explicitly moderated list was moderated for volume only, I think that
would be an experiment worth trying.

Chris has got Louis P's number:

>Alternatively Louis might intensify his skirmishing with Bob to drive more
>people off the unmoderated list, and leave Bob more isolated, if Louis
>believed that would harm Bob more than himself.

Louis knows that he is supported by people such as the unity list and
various subscribers on m1 quite regardless of what he posts -- quantity,
quality, libel, malevolence, self-indulgence -- nothing matters. He is
supported for his political stand against the necessity of a Bolshevik
party to bring about a socialist transformation of our society. His mission
is to use any means at his disposal to attack and discredit anyone who
argues for the necessity of a Bolshevik party. The character and use of a
discussion list is a totally secondary consideration for him.

Then Chris jumps on the anti-Bob bandwagon in his usual nice-as-pie way:

>How soon Bob calculates it is in his interest to try a different style
>could make a difference. Like not always answering each attack. It doesn't
>not always make you look weaker. It can have the opposite effect.
>So thanks Bob, for sorting out the apostrophe's.
>Now could you see that it might be in your interests not just to try to
>make as many people you disagree with, as uncomfortable as possible? You might
>increase your chance of being read by concentrating
>over just one or two posts a day, getting over the points you really want to

*The problem is not Bob as an individual.*

It never has been. Volume and disapproval can be managed with the delete
key. The problem has been with managing political disagreement. The
opposition to Bob's ideas has consistently tried to paint the disagreement
as based on style, individual psychological perversion,  taste, ignorance,
etc. Running throughout the threads against Bob has been agreement on the
methods needed to deal with the threat -- censorship and expulsion. This
has been implemented twice, on m2 and unity-list.

These mechanisms are tried and true in the Social-Democratic and Stalinist
traditions. In a period of sharpening class confrontation such as we are
living in, the battle over ideas also takes ever sharper forms.

Those who seek a haven from the storm in an unrocked boat will only find
the consensus they desire on land in a ritualistic ship burial.



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