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Robert Malecki malecki at algonet.se
Thu Sep 26 00:02:48 MDT 1996

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>Re Malecki's posting of the LUL membership list. Those who concern
>themselves excessively about net cops (ie service providers) should
>understand that real net cops (The Data Protection Registry and its
>Euro counterparts) can step on you and your service providers,
>including the list operators) for doing silly things like that. Time
>for Malecki to show some of that 'political judgement' he presumes to
>recommend to others ? No chance. If he can't swear his way onto LUL
>he will be happy to provoke the close down the lists that tolerate
>jplant at cix.compulink.co.uk

Actually Plant the only ones that tried to get anybody shut down was the
"Unity" list. That by going to the postmaster and involving a person who has
nothing to do with the lists.

However the sending of the address list of "Unity" to M1 was a mistake and i
apoligize. Actually it was only surpose to go to those who are banned ,
excluded or expelled from the "unity" list by you and your friends.

But your talk about cops is hypocritical. You have show in practice that the
"Unity" list prefers to accept neo-Stalinists yellow journalists who use
*real* copbaiting.
And believe me this will cost you highly politically in the long run. wait
and see!

Bob Malecki

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